Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Hong12
    12-13 11:18 AM
    I have a big problem that I got approved on the H1 Recapture to get back into US on January 15, 09 though my attorney screwed up by putting someone else background into the Petition Letter submitted to USCIS with my application. The petition letter to USCIS is all wrong. It states the wrong education, work experience and job duty. They put somebody else background into mine. They put the correct sponsoring company on the first page of the letter though at the end of the second page they put the wrong sponsoring company. In this case, what should I do and what should I answer at the US Consular in Malaysia to get my H1 Visa? What should I do now? Please advise. Do I have to resubmit the application back to USCIS? Will I get rejected? Please help. Thank you very much.

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  • werc
    04-04 01:54 PM
    You are not subject to the cap. As you spent more than a year outside the US , you have the option of resetting your H1B clock (in other words ,apply for a H1 which would be valid for 6 years ,but would also be subject o the cap) or reviving your old H1B which would not be subject to the cap.

    If you need a reference ,PLease refer to the AC21 provisions.

    I have an old H1B visa with approval date December 19, 2000. I moved to US in Jan 2001 and spend only 2 months in USA in total. Stay outside USA from Mar 2001 until now.

    Can I apply for the remaining time against my initial six-year period of admission and will be exempted from the cap?

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  • Numbsong
    05-08 11:54 AM
    Thanks Kirupa!

    Tommy: Well, I�m sorry you didn�t like it. But it�s supposed to be more of an abstract work anyway...

    Thanks everyone for the feedback though! :thumb:

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  • Horace Jones
    07-07 10:39 AM
    Thanks for the link. I read the first few paragraphs and it seems really interesting. I'll check the rest out later on tonight.


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-16 01:39 AM
    another one?!?! hahahhahahha

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  • wizard
    04-23 05:05 PM
    I like it! :thumb:

    Though I think the text could be more readable. ;)


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  • jliechty
    April 5th, 2005, 10:09 PM
    Unfortunately, the only solution is to take your camera to a Nikon repair center. It seems that the D2H's meter failing is alarmingly common, from what reports one reads online. If your camera is yet under warranty, then you're in luck. Otherwise, it may be a US$200 - $300 repair. :(

    Spelling error in FP notice [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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  • pappu
    02-09 11:42 PM
    Can the core group let us know what are they targeting right now? Are they targeting CIR next month? The lack of direction will really lead to less contribution. Without that,I will have a hard time convincing other friends about IV.

    Have the core members given up and decreased their activity?
    Core group is working hard and is commited despite lack of full support and nagative comments they get on this site or other sites. Work will go on no matter what.
    Pls join your state chapter to know what we are doing and speak with us directly and get direction. You will also get updates.
    In your CA state chapter there was a conference call tonight and I was invited. I joined in and only the organizer and myself were there. There was nobody else there. We both spoke for one hour and I gave update to that member because I felt that I should value a commited member who is willing to make an effort and will be willing to do the work even if it means doing it alone without help from fellow members. We request members to help themselves by helping us and we can all togeher achieve our aims.


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  • lecter
    January 4th, 2005, 12:25 AM
    cool. If you saturated it a little more the Orange would become more dominant and give you another picture yet again!!!


    trace bitmap [Archive] - kirupaForum

    View Full Version : trace bitmap

    08-18 03:07 PM
    Hi guys.

    One of my favourite features in Flash is Trace Bitmap. I am currently trying to produce a print catalog and wanted to use this effect. I was wondering if there's any other programs that offer a similar feature, or otherwise what is the best way to trace a photo in flash and export it to another program.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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  • fearonlygod
    12-01 06:43 AM
    My Lawyers documents stated that there is no need for it, and now i am too close for travel but am just curious abt how people are following it.....


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  • sparky123
    07-16 05:29 PM
    My Labor is stuck in Atlanta processing center.... It is frustrating to see people getting approvals in 2 days from Chicago center.

    While people who apply to Chicago today, can file 485 by July, I'm gonna miss the boat :eek:

    Of course I don't compare myself with people stuck in BECs

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  • abhishek101
    12-28 04:32 PM
    I applied Bachelors + 5 years.


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  • jai_verma
    10-15 03:30 PM

    I am on H1B, got my EAD and registered a LLC.
    Do I need to send I-9 when I switch working for my own registered LLC?

    Thanks in advance!

    Current Contribution: $100

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  • chidurala
    07-28 09:29 PM
    thank u so much for ur prompt reply.
    my husband's priority date is current now so are there any chances for me to get gc now??


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  • MetteBB
    05-20 02:56 AM
    I like those... Nice 'shapes' and colours.


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  • mmk123
    01-15 08:50 AM
    Here is something we really should watch closely. US senate race in Massachusetts between Democrat Coakley and Republican Brown. They are fighting for the vacant seat of Hon. Late Senator Ted Kennedy. Now, people would think, why a race in mass. matter? It's a completely blue state, and had no republican senator in last 40 yrs, obviously a democrat would win. The election is on tuesday and the ground reality seems to suggest something else.

    This seat is crucial for President and Democrats as it is the much coveted 60th seat in the senate to get a filabuster-proof majority which democrats have enjoyed so far. It is critical for healthcare reform as well as for immigration reform (if at all it comes).

    The gap between both the candidates was narrow with democrat leading but today, for the first time, polls indicate that Brown has taken lead over Coakley. People in this blue state seem to increasingly support Brown, mainly frustrated because of healthcare policies. Mass residents already have a healthcare related tax to help run state's universal health care. On top of that, federal health overall would be adding more taxes on people and people fear that they will end paying both. Already, mass is a very high tax state. So, there is an increasing popularity to tax-related fiscal conservative campaign run by Brown.

    This is surely gonna be a nail-biter; so let's wait and watch this one. Election is coming tuesday.


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  • eb3_nepa
    10-10 12:49 PM
    NOT YET, but OCT bulletin is archived. so NOV may come out soon.

    The current bulletin is alwasy archived as soon as it is released.

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  • Pagal
    05-28 07:49 AM

    Not that I know ... the worst case scenario is that your green cards are physically mailed to you and then they are returned 'cause nobody was at the home (though normally, it should just sit with your other mail).

    When you reenter US, stand in the regular visitor line.... if your card is issued, the IO will know and stamp your passport w temporary green card and allow you in the US.

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  • a_yaja
    06-26 10:15 AM
    There is no issue if your wife is the derivative applicant and gets her EAD through you. You can also start but it is more complicated since your business has to be doing excatly the same thing as your labor application. Also, i think you should get lawyers advice if you are starting it. There is no complication for your wife to start a business.

    The business started by you need not be the same as in your labor application as long as you maintain your job with current employer or you switch to a similar job. For example, you can start a company for renting real estate without any problem as long as you can show that your job as stated in the LCA still exists ow will exist when the GC is approved.

    10-05 09:55 AM
    I'm waiting :rolleyes:

    09-18 11:11 PM

    I will be going for H1B stamping in feb/March at Mumbai Consulate.
    In 2001 my F1 visa got rejected 3 times because I showed that I have sister in USA.

    My sister is in still in USA. Now while taking H1B appointment in form I have again to mention yes or no (for the Que do you have any relatives in USA)
    What I should do? What will be the effect if I said No? Do you think, VO will ask me that your F1 got rejected because you had sister in USA? So now did she came back?

    Please reply me ASAP.

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