Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • ita
    11-01 03:11 PM
    Is it ok if the address I�m going to give is different 'state' from the 'state' I�m living in .
    I�m guessing as long as I get the mails it shouldn�t matter if the address is same as the address I�m living at.

    Thank you.

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  • ilikekilo
    07-23 07:24 AM
    not sure where you got taht info..i believe u still contact ur lawyer...or post question on immilaw website..

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  • Saralayar
    08-25 02:32 PM
    I was employed by company A between 2002 who has filed I-140 and I-485 in 2007.

    After company ceased to exist, USCIS granted an H1 extension based on an approved ALC filing and I moved to company B. According to the owner of company A, it has no plans to file for bankruptcy.

    Company B filed for the H1B extension and I received one that expires Oct 2012. However, company B is now unwilling to continue my employment. My employment will cease Nov 2010.

    Besides looking for another job, anyone has any inputs?

    Provide all your details in your profile (Prioroty date, I140 filing date, country etc., ). Then based on that, you can get relevant info from members.

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  • willigetagc
    07-25 02:10 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...


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  • morchu
    06-09 04:03 PM
    EB3/EB2 categorization depends on a lot of other factors. But I understand your question is about base eligibility.

    In general Masters requirement for a job is considered to be eligible for EB2.
    Similarly Bachelors+5years exp req for a job is also considered to be eligible for EB2.

    So your employers advertised job "could" very well be EB2 if all other conditions are met.

    Hello All,

    My employer has job posting Bachelor's degree with 7 years of experience but does not say anything about Masters Degree. Wanted to know this job requirement fall under EB2 or EB3?. appreciate for the response.

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  • Sakthisagar
    05-25 10:46 AM
    I have stamped from Canada 3 times before. without any issue.

    I do not know the situation today. If you have all the required documents ready

    and You attorney has sent a copy of your H1 extension to PIMS office at Kentucky

    (For all extension petition this is required) You can stamp at Canadian US consulate

    without much issues. If PIMS is not updated then you have to be ready to stay at Canada

    for 1 to 3 months. so be careful before taking decisions, especially nowadays.This is my understanding.

    Same thing at Indian consulates. I

    f the rules have changed Please enlighten me the folks who knows about it.


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  • srarao
    09-05 08:32 PM
    My middle name is given only initial on not full on 1-485 ,131 receipt but 765 has full name
    can any one advise me on how to resolve it.

    I am on H1 now and my H1 B approval also had my middle name as initial.

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  • villamonte6100
    08-20 10:01 AM
    Any one??

    Whats next??

    GC Interview:
    How's (or what's in) the process?
    What questions do they ask?


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  • amits
    07-17 08:38 PM
    Whatever happened today couldn't have happened without the relentless efforts from IV team.

    As a token of appreciation of all those efforts, I have contributed $500 today.

    Would volunteer to any future IV efforts and action items.


    - Amit

    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 15:46 GMT-07:00
    Google Order #900330157495295
    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Shipped 1 Contribute 500 - Donate $500 to Immigration Voice. $500.00

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  • hsingh82
    02-04 01:37 PM
    They do (3 years old info). Make sure you ahve all the documents that are mentioned in their checklist. They will give you the visa with the expiry date based on your I-94.


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  • indyanguy
    11-16 10:20 AM
    Mine was sent out on July 2nd. Received AP and EAD. The LUD on 140 and 485 is 9/21/07.

    Filed in NSC. No FP yet.

    Why do you think that only LC Sub cases are not getting updated? I don't think anyone who filed for I140 in July have received any update

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  • willigetagc
    07-25 02:10 PM
    Please let me know. My lawyer has taken my personal checks and sent them to USCIS...


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  • JunRN
    11-01 11:20 AM
    Priority Date comes first, and then country limit. Country limit is not respected at the last quarter of each Visa Year (July to Sep).

    If you're on EB2, then you're on for approval as soon as everything clears (security check, etc.). If you're on EB3, wait for a while dear. It will not come soon.

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  • s_r_e_e
    09-02 01:10 PM


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  • chanduv23
    03-19 04:31 PM
    Will they send an RFE immediately even after the I-485 has been pending for more that 180 days?

    depends on the officer. A lot of officers do not know the AC21 law. As soon as they see 140 being revoked, they blindly send denial notices for 485 and you have to correct this through MTR.

    After a 140 revocation by ex employer, it takes a few weeks for USCIS to act.

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  • STAmisha
    06-20 01:54 PM

    My company is using substituted labor for me and applying for 140 and 485. My original LC which was pending just got approved. But the physical documentation is not there.

    But my company is saying that they will also apply for 140 for the original LC also. How is this possible? I'm confused. What will happen to the 485 (and the first 140) when they file second 140?



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  • fromnaija
    03-29 12:18 PM
    What I don't understand is why you are filing another I-140 when you already filed I-485? In any case you can use AC21 only after your 485 has been pending for more than 180 days.

    Employer A with EB3 PD Feb2003 and I 485 filed
    Same Employer A is doing EB2 PERM with I 140 PD porting
    Is it possible to invoke AC21 in middle of process??

    1. is it possible to use AC21 after 140 approval??, any time constraints?

    2. what about between 140 filing and 140 approval?

    3. at what stage it is not safe?

    any advice please

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  • windycloud
    02-02 03:42 PM
    Can you at least produce the extension receipt at the embassy? Is your job title IT Consultant? If the answers are no and yes, personally I would not risk it. Of course this is nothing more than a personal opinion. My H-1B expires in April. I waited for the past 3 months and got my extension approved so I'm going back to China this month.

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  • rajeshalex
    09-24 05:23 PM
    1 &2 Yes you can, And your status will be EAD/adjustment of status.
    IO can doubt about your intention is to do business or continue work

    3) This is the best strategy and I have done that.

    4) Pray to god !. Hopefully it shoudl be current in next 6 months

    ( May be in IV we can request a separate page for the intiatives/ventures by the immigrant community.
    The current Ads/Merchantise is for MNCs who can pay big money and it may not be affordable for
    the new ventures/start ups )

    07-27 01:02 PM
    Hi STAMisha,
    I sent you a message and also sent an e-mail. i went thorugh ur previous posts and it seems we are pretty much on the same boat.

    plz check ur mail and call me at ur convenience. we will talk in detail.

    05-12 07:55 AM
    My colleague went to India for 6 months after getting his GC, and has been just chilling out here for more than a year now.

    You are a free bird once you have GC, just shouldn't be out of the country for more than 180 days in a year for tax purposes..

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