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  • smarth
    10-22 11:07 PM

    If I enter using H1-B/L1visa then I-94 validity end date will be ususally till the visa expiration date.

    Suppose if I am entering US on Advanced Parole(I-131), what will be the validity enddate for I-94? If suppose they give for 1 year how to extend that if i am not going out-off US?


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  • godbless
    01-13 06:16 PM
    :confused: I have another question concerning EAD. I have a valid h1 visa stamped on my passport till June 2007. I have EAD and AP as well. On my return from India last month the inspector at the POE did not let me enter on my h1 and instead asked me to use my AP. He stamped my I 94 as entering on AP but he did not cancel my h1. Now what status I am on? H1 or AP? My EAD is expiring on 23rd Jan 2007 so if I am no longer on h1 then would I have to come out of job till I get another EAD? Won't this make me go out of status? Please advise.

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  • indyanguy
    04-19 08:26 PM
    Hi all,

    I understand there have been several threads in the past discussing the use of EAD for part time work while using H1 for the full time job. There were different views expressed by the group at that time.

    Has there been a consensus on this issue?


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  • augustus
    07-17 10:19 PM
    I only know information about I-485 filing but do not know what to expect after it is filed?

    Can someone tell me what to expect after things are in place? Like expecting Receipt date, fingerprinting - how many of them, what to look for and what to watch out for etc. A consolidated discussion may help many who are unaware of the system.

    Who will get such information, lawyer or the applicant?


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  • abhay
    05-13 11:10 AM
    My PD is 08/04/06, and my AP is expiring on June 2nd, I probably will have to travel sometimes June end. I am in a fix if I should go ahead and apply for Ap now. My PD will be current begining June 1st. I heard it may take 1 week to 60 days to get GC after your date becomes current, Do you guys think it's good idea to just apply for AP just in case?


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  • cygent
    08-01 05:42 PM
    Moderator, Please close this thread. There is enough info. on the forums, no need to be so selfish.


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  • ashkam
    04-21 04:38 PM
    Like RNGC said, once you're in parolee status, I94 expiration date is irrelevant. You are in valid status until your I-485 gets approved or denied.

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  • wizard
    04-24 10:58 PM
    You're right, it is ugly. ;P

    I'm only joking... don't hurt me. :ne:

    Eh, I kind of like it.


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  • Libra
    10-03 03:36 PM
    so is that mean yours is EB2 oct 2005 pd? i hope your prediction become true, bcoz mine is mar 2005 EB2 :-))

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  • bathuzp
    03-16 06:39 PM
    Hello everyone,

    It is extremely unfortunate but I have lost my green card. I can�t seem to find it anywhere. I know that it has not been stolen, just lost! I need to apply for a replacement green card ASAP. I need to submit some initial documents along with my I-90 form for it. I have been trying to search on the internet regarding it but I can�t seem to find a clear answer.

    Long story short, could somebody please tell me what initial documents are there to submit along with my I-90 form? I have a copy of my original green card, but is there anything else required? Am I required to submit my photos along with my form?

    I would highly appreciate if someone could reply to my queries ASAP.

    Thank you very much in advance.


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  • darshan1226
    03-25 09:50 PM

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  • smarth
    07-29 09:51 AM

    Please share your personal experience on the timeframe USCIS response while renewing Advanced parole(I-131) and also share the e-filing address, fee and necessary documents to be posted...



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  • desi3933
    02-09 12:00 PM
    I am changing my job on H1B. I have I-140 approved with present company. What documents do I need to have to keep my old priority date? I have copy of I-140 approval notice. Do I need to have copy of labor certification as well?

    copy of I-140 approval notice

    Not a legal advice.

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  • myallapragada
    07-11 08:27 PM
    I am new to this forum. Just registered myself. I hv a question if u guys can help. I got an RFE for I485 for employment verification. Lawyer says he sent the employer verification letter with his signature instead of employers bec employer has given him authorization to do so. can anyone do like this. does this pose a problem for my I485 approval. Please help.


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  • desibechara
    10-17 01:52 AM

    Rd was Aug 8, 2008

    PD Oct 29, 2001

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  • sh1974
    05-04 11:37 AM
    Hi All,
    I recently noticed the Audited Dates for PERM moved up nearly by 9 months to Dec 2009.
    My labor filed in June 2009 has been in audit.
    My employer is telling that that still my case is in process.
    Has any body filed in 2009 and been in Audit got it approved recently?

    Those of you who have audited PERMS should check with the employers as the employers may not be checking the status regularly. Please do post if you have any updates.


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  • laksmi
    07-02 03:34 PM
    Irrespective of I-140, you may add your dependents names during 485 filing stage if you date is current.

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  • spicy_guy
    06-28 11:08 PM
    Why doesn't he want to do this in the foreground?

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  • greencard_fever
    06-25 06:09 PM
    Hi All,

    First of all Congrats! to all people who are eligible to file 485 in july..

    i have strage problem..i am not weather its a problem or not..i have filed my GC in 2004 December and you all know that after that the BEC process came in every thing went to BEC's..and i had no hope on that file and i asked my employer to process my GC under PERM process in 2006 april and i got the Labor and I-140 approved in 6 months...and mean while i got the 2004 labor approved in Feb 2007 and asked my employer which one will be the best and he recommended me apply for I-140 for 2004 labor and wait untill the dates become current and he was expecting the 2004 will become current...so we have applied for I-140 for 2004 labor on May 1st 2007 and the status is pending...now my questios is..

    1) Is there is any problem if i use the 2004 labor and apply for I-485.

    2) When attorney file for I-140 did they mention any where in that forms that i do not have any immigration petiton has been submited before?

    3) If they mention no (miss communication) and applied for I-140 for 2004 labor but in fact there is a petition (I-140) submited for me for my 2006 labor.will this be a problem for my 485 approval?

    4) which one will be the best for me to use now 2004 or 2006?

    5) I spoke to my attorney on this and he said as long as you have not filed for 485 for 2006 labor then there is no harm.But i am concernet about that if my attorney (2004 labor) mentioned that i have not submited any immigartion petition when he filed for I-140,which is not correct since i have appled for I-140 for 2006 labor will that be a problem for my I-485 process?

    you help on this is greately appreciated

    Thanks in advance!

    06-25 12:11 PM
    if we sign 28th june , it will be considered 1st july filing ?

    11-03 04:08 PM
    Here is my case:
    With Company A, my H-1B extension was filed on 8/22/2010, under regular processing.
    My I-94 expiry date was 9/30/2010.

    With Company B, H-1B transfer was filed on 10/2/2010 filed under Premium Processing
    Received RFE on H-1B transfer. Responded on 10/22/2010.
    Current status of H-1B transfer case is "RFE response review". No decision yet.

    Meanwhile I got an RFE on H-1B extension on 10/25/2010.

    1. How is the RFE on H-1B extension with Company A going to affect my H-1B transfer to Company B?

    2. Should the H-1B extension be Approved before getting a decision on the H-1B transfer?

    3. I read in a forum that unless my H-1B extension is approved, I will not get an I-94 with H-1B transfer approval (since it was filed after my I-94 expiry). Is this correct?

    Please advise. Thanks.

    P.S. I will post my experience once I get a decision on H-1B transfer.

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