Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • prince40
    03-15 07:40 PM
    hi all
    I plan to probably file under the EB2 category soon- I know EB1 and EB2 can be filed separately, however can a EB2 regular and a EB2 with NIW application both be filed separately as well?
    Need to know this asap, so would appreciate a reply, Thank You!

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  • goel_ar
    07-26 07:36 AM
    But it won't have to go through lottery?

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    12-10 11:27 PM
    ...US GC or citizenship allows you visa waiver for visits to other countries but you need a work permit to work in another country.

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  • vvijaybabu
    02-03 02:06 PM

    Is there any way we can check our labor processing status as it is a genral fact that no employer would prefer to give his employee to access his status and at the same time they would not let employee to call attorney directly.So in this kind of scenario I was just wondering is there anyway we can track the status.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • BumbleBee
    08-04 11:37 PM
    Please consult a good immigration attorney, forum is good for general immigration know-how. Good luck with your case, I hope you get favourable result out of it.

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  • DSLStart
    01-18 12:09 PM
    She can stay as long as she wants, but it is finally up to the port of entry officer to decide to let her in or not depending on reason for staying outside (while 485 is pending) is valid or not. After all AP is supposed to be used only for emergency situations.

    Can wife stay in India for more than 6 months while 485 is pending?

    What she have now is an approved AP till 2009 december.



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  • Khan123
    01-19 01:23 AM
    hello, i was on H-1B and my employment was terminated yesterday with the company, what are my options of staying in USA. Please advise immediately

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  • wizard20740
    05-22 09:16 PM
    Hi JSaradhi,

    When you got your renewal for your H1b till 2008, you should have also received a new I-94 card with a new validity on it, probably till 2008. I know this because I also recently got my H1b renewed.

    Check with your employer. They should have handed over the new I-94 to you.



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  • english_august
    09-23 10:49 AM
    I've filed for I129 but I don't yet have my I-797C, Notice of Action form with me. I do have my receipt number and I was wondering if it was possible to find out the service center based on that.

    When I check the status of my case online, it does not include any information regarding which service is processing my application.

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  • simple1
    06-23 01:42 PM
    While I laugh at that guy. I would like to remind you that we are living in a republic and not in a democracy.

    Any one can be a self hurting fool using his/her "Individual�s God-given, unalienable rights". While in a democracy individuals worry about majority rule and popular thought.

    I dont understand why Obama (a former senior lecturer in constitutional law ) refers to this country as democracy.

    HELLO Chicago. If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer... "

    While the founders were fearful of democracy ( the mob rule ).

    Both India and USA are republics not democracies.


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  • chakdepatte
    08-17 08:12 AM

    I have been offerred a FTE position by the client. Roles and responsibilities similar to that filed in labor. I am currently on H1 with my consulting company but considering to deply my EAD. however, my EAD has expired. I have applied for renewal a month ago but it may take another 2 months.

    anything I should be concerned about before switching to EAD with given status. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Siboo
    07-25 03:42 PM
    If I remember correctly, if your I-140 is "approved" and if your I-485 is pending for more than 180 days, then it "should not" be matter whether your I-140 is revoked or not.

    In your case, if you get RFE (what for????) , just send the AC21 letter and you will be fine.

    Just my thought on this.



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  • KarachiWala
    12-13 11:22 AM
    Thanks for the response. I got same response from my lawyer too. Seems like the rumors out there is wrong.. :-)


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  • Ash80
    05-21 03:38 PM
    Hi there.. I need some suggestions from you all. Please help.

    I have applied for a green card thru my husband (we got married in Sep and applied for the green in Dec). Both of us are well qualified and are working. We submitted all the documents that are needed thru my lawyer. My finger print appotinment went fine. USCIS wanted some additional evidence for I 485 which they initially sent to us in Jan and we never received it but we followed it up and got the notice 3 weeks ago. They wanted us to submit recent tax return form (my husband's) which is 2008. For 2009 we are filing together and my husband hasnt received his K1 forms yet (he is self employed - Physical therapist) so we filed for an extension of time for filing which he usually does every year. We submitted last year's tax return (both his and mine), extension form that we submitted to IRS, additionally we submitted my W2, my pay stubs and a letter from my employer about my employment. Last week we received a denial notice for I 485, I 131 and also for travel document. The reason mentioned was we didnt submit the evidence they asked for which is federal tax return form for the most recent tax year. For us its 2008 and for 2009 we submitted the extension form. My lawyer is going to submit a motion to reopen. Any one had similar situation? Please help.

    For I 130 (which is not denied but is placed on hold for additional evidence), they wanted more evidence that we are still married! which came along with the denial notice. We have all the documents that they wanted. Also we are going to have a baby in AUG, so submitting a letted from my clinic too. This should be sent sometime next week.


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  • Sparkling
    04-26 04:37 PM
    Dear Lawyer,
    I posted my story in "all other green card issues" I'm sorry I don't know how to link it.

    I am married to a US citizen - married since 10/23/04 - we have lived in the US before where I obtained a conditional green card : given 01/17/06 expired 01/17/08. We left the US in may of 07 to live in denmark (my home country) and thought the conditional green card was "gone" when it expired and did not apply to remove conditions in time.

    In 2009 we decided to return to the states - I came here 10/16/09 on a visa waiver. In december 09 we filed i130 and in march i485 thinking we had to start over on the process of getting a green card.

    April 8th -10 we recieved a denial letter saying:
    "A review of agency records indicates that the beneficiary has already aquired lawful permanent resident status on january 17 2006 through other means"
    " therefore , the beneficiary is not eligible for the benefit sought and this additional petition is denied"
    " This denial will have no adverse effect on the lawful permanent residence status that the beneficiary has previously aquired"
    Attached to the letter is an appeal form.

    So my query now is: since they already consider me a lawful permanent resident according to that letter - how do I go about getting my green card? and what happens to the i485 that they still have in initial review?

    My husband and I are very confused about all this - we were told we had to reapply so we are puzzled about that denial letter. Customer service at uscis only reiterates the content of their website and we cannot get through to anyone that can shed any light on this. Infopass is not available in our area either, so I turned to this forum.

    Than you so much for your time in considering this matter and for any information you might have for us.

    A danish citizen :-)

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  • dummgelauft
    04-14 10:00 AM
    More fraudulent L1 -> EB1 filings.

    Being able to build and certify a vehicle does not mean anything. The key to success is reliability and consistent quality. If the consumer is not certain that his/her car will fire up at the first crank, every morning, day after day for 10 years. I wish Mahindra the best, being familiar with their developement team and process, I am certain that they have an up-hill task


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  • MrWaitingGC
    05-19 11:29 AM
    If your company pays for there own lawyer then go ahead and change it to new one. As the response from lawyers will be fast. And you can avoid big expenses if you retain earlier law firm. Keep in mind Lawyers charge for each and every thing they do.

    I did this and recently gave G28 for new lawyers. (But when my H1 was transfered new company lawyers goofed up the office address and I have not yet received I797 any how this is a different story. Planning to apply for a copy)

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  • psk79
    10-25 10:16 AM
    Hi, Today my I485 had a LUD and when I check the status it is saying:

    Document mailed to applicant.
    On October 24, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    I already received everything and went for FP 20 days ago. I missed the appointment and then went the next friday and they took the prints. I was told that I didn't need to reschedule the FP. I had the LUD after the FP date too.

    I have seen that someone had this same status but did anyone ever receive nay other document in mail?? IF so what is it???


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  • need4gc
    09-07 02:26 PM
    I called USCIS to know the status of my I765 and I131 and came to know it got rejected because of sign missing on the form as i had filed my 485 with my EAD and AP i got my 485 receipt month back.

    And USCIS said they have mailed my returned application on 13th aug but i have not received it yet.I called USCIS and they said that i can refile it again after 30days if i don't receive my package. Can i file on my own i do have the LIN number for rejected application.Can i file online

    please suggest

    01-20 07:56 PM
    Has anyone been able to call USCIS premium processing toll free number today and talk to an Officer. I have been unable to get to an Officer today but was able to talk before. I am wondering whether there is a limit on how many times you can call(I have called 3 times so far in 10 days) or if you can't call after so many days have passed after your application is approved.

    I have been contacting to get my priority date corrected on I-140 approval. Please respond if anyone has information

    You cannot fix a priority date error through a phone! This is a serious thing and would need to be corrected through a letter from an attorney or something like that.


    04-21 11:37 PM
    mine is paperbased

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